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Our instructors have been hand-selected based upon their subject matter expertise. And they bring uncompromising commitment across this range of industry services.

Our experienced and innovative teachers are passionate about what they do. They keep class sizes small so they can focus on you and remain accessible for your questions.

And they do it because they care about your professional success.

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GENESIS Ambassadors

Skip Phillips Skip Phillips, Master CBP

Brian Van Bower Brian Van Bower


GENESIS Faculty Chairs

Terry Brannon Terry Brannon, P.E.
Engineering Faculty Chair
The Brannon Corporation

Paul John Boulifard Paul John Boulifard
Design Faculty Chair
Architect + LEED AP
Nashville, TN


GENESIS Faculty Advisors

Greg Andrews Greg Andrews
Tile Faculty Advisor
National Tile and Stone Authority, Inc.

Kirk Bianchi Kirk Bianchi
Design Faculty Advisor
Owner / Designer
Bianchi Design

Feras Irikat Feras Irikat
Design Faculty Advisor
Director of Design & Marketing
Lunada Bay Tile

Ken Milbery Ken Milbery
Waterproofing & Tile Installation Faculty Advisor
Director of Technical Services
Lunada Bay Tile


Maria Moscato Maria Moscato
International Design & Wellness Faculty Advisor
CEO / Designer
Mia Luna Design



Robert Baxter, Advanced CBP Robert Baxter, Advanced CBP
Robax Development

Rick Black Rick Black
Director of Product Training
Latham Pools

Travis Bozick, P.E. Travis Bozick, P.E.
Principal / Vice President
The Brannon Corporation

Tom Dankel Tom Dankel
Vice President
Aquamatic Cover Systems


Randy Dukes Randy Dukes
Technical Sales Director
CL Industries, Inc.

Mike Farley Mike Farley, Master CBP
Elite Design Consultant
Claffey Pools

Steven Getzoff Steven Getzoff, Esq.
Senior Litigation Partner
Lester Schwab Katz & Dwyer LLP

Shaun Goldberg Shaun Goldberg
Plaster Operations Manager
Burkett's Pool Plastering, Inc.


Ken Gregory Ken Gregory
Compliance & Safety

Jason Hughes Jason Hughes
River Pools and Spas

Andy Kaner Andy Kaner, MLA, Master CBP
Aquatic Consultants, Inc.

John Kenyon, SWD Registered John Kenyon, Master CBP
Sales Manager and Design Consultant
Gib-San Pool & Landscape Creations


Isaac Keselman Isaac Keselman, Master CBP
Aqua Doctor, Inc.

Joël-Eric Mignault Joël-Eric Mignault, Master CBP
JEM Arte & Agua

Dominick Mondi Dominick Mondi
Executive Director
Northeast Spa & Pool Association

Janet Lennox Moyer Janet Lennox Moyer
Jan Moyer Design, LLC


Jake Muller Jake Muller
Owner and Operator
Jake Electric LLC

Joan Roca, SWD Master Joan Roca, Master CBP
Joan Roca Master Pool Designs

Kate Wiseman Kate Wiseman, MLA
Principal Landscape Designer
Sage Outdoor Designs

Rocky Wisley Rocky Wisley, Master CBP
Owner and Operator
Serenity Hardscapes LLC


PHTA Strategic Partners

  • BioLab
  • Fluidra
  • Hayward
  • Heritage Pool Supply Group
  • LOU
  • Lyon Financial
  • Pentair
  • WatkinsWellness