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GENESIS® technical education is the most comprehensive and complete curriculum and establishes the highest standards in the pool and spa industry. Since 1998, GENESIS® has taught thousands of students in best practices governing proper water vessel design, engineering, and construction. The vast curriculum, and adherence to standards, leads to excellence in education. GENESIS® is a company of the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance.


GENESIS Ambassadors

Skip Phillips Skip Phillips

Brian Van Bower Brian Van Bower

Faculty Advisors

Terry Brannon Terry Brannon, P.E.
The Brannon Corporation

Feras Irikat Feras Irikat
Director of Design & Marketing
Lunada Bay Tile

Kate Wiseman Kate Wiseman, MLA
Principal Landscape Designer
Sage Outdoor Designs

Position Statements

Leading professionals in the pool and spa industry create position statements to help improve safety, reduce energy consumption, raise the current standards, and build better quality projects.

Please note, these documents are not consensus standards or building codes and have not gone through the consensus procedures of any recognized standards writing authority.

We encourage the free distribution, use, and reference of this document in whole or in part. Individuals or firms involved with the design, engineering, construction, maintenance, and operation of pools, spas, and water features may use these position statements to guide their work; however, in no way does this relieve them from compliance with all laws, codes, standards, regulations, ordinances, or other requirements.

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Questions? Please contact us at genesis@phta.org.

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