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Maria Moscato

GENESIS International Design & Wellness Faculty Advisor

CEO / Designer
Mia Luna Design
Bologna, Italy


Maria Moscato is a lecturer, fine artist, and designer based in Bologna, Italy, with a background in sustainable design and architecture. Maria has been teaching a wide range of subjects, from ceramics to microeconomics, for 20 years.

She first became involved in the pool and spa industry through her husband, who publishes Piscine Oggi, the premier pool industry publication in Italy that focuses on both residential and commercial pool design, maintenance, and technology. Maria served as a translator and editor for Piscine Oggi for over 14 years.

Maria is a certified building technician in Italy with experience in 3D modeling, AutoCAD, and Revit. She joined the GENESIS® faculty in April 2024 and will be developing design curriculum focused on the successful trends she has seen around Europe.

Maria Moscato

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