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Hear why GENESIS is the preferred pool industry education program for thousands of pool and spa professionals.



"The GENESIS program offered me the opportunity to learn and work with the brightest individuals in our industry. As I have told many, we do not need to know everything, we need to know how to get the resources to get answers to our questions. The GENESIS family gives us this important resource."
Edward Cohen, Master CBP, Ultimate in Pool Care/Chaikin Ultimate Pools


"Over the past decade, I have come to appreciate the immense significance of continuing education in the pool industry through different groups like GENESIS and its transformative impact on personal and professional growth. Embracing a commitment to learning has been an integral part of my journey, and I am thrilled to witness the tremendous positive influence it has had on both myself and our entire company."
Joseph Dempsey, Master CBP, Aquality Construction


"After the first day of GENESIS education, I was hooked on the program. Every opportunity I had to take a construction or design course found me soaking up the information. In just 4 short years I completed over 260 hours of accredited education through GENESIS. The design side of the GENESIS education program allowed me to utilize my creativity and enter the design/sales side of the business."
Alexa Dal Pino, Master CBP, Dal Pino Quality Pools, Inc.



"One constant that has guided us is the GENESIS program. In 2012, I embarked on a life-changing journey with GENESIS. I enrolled in my first classes, 'Attracting and Working with High-End Clients' and 'Best Practices for Shotcrete Construction.' During one of these classes, I had the privilege of hearing Skip Phillips speak about the entire program and the visionary concept behind GENESIS. It was this moment that sparked my curiosity and desire to delve deeper into the program. As we continue to grow and evolve, the GENESIS Master CBP certification stands as a symbol of our dedication to excellence and our commitment to staying at the forefront of the pool industry. It is my belief that any pool industry professional, who seeks to elevate their craft and deliver unmatched pool experiences, should embark on this transformative journey with GENESIS. I am forever grateful for the opportunities that the GENESIS program has provided, and I look forward to creating more lasting memories for our clients, powered by the knowledge and expertise I have gained through this remarkable certification."
Rusty Britton, Master CBP, Country Leisure Manufacturing


"I take pride in knowing that I have completed most pool education classes known to man. I have a long way to go. I am always learning. It will never end for me. I serve a purpose in this world. That is to help people build backyards that they could only dream about when they were kids. It’s a lifelong accomplishment for most to build a high dollar backyard that compliments their amazing home. It takes A LOT of work to make that type of money and I feel they deserve my very best. And my very best trickles down into my team, which creates good paying jobs, community, and as an American, that’s the noble thing to do in society. If you’re a leader and want to win, and you want to build pools. YOU HAVE TO INVEST IN YOURSELF. Don’t be the norm. Set yourself apart and dominate!"
Joshua Buzzell, Master CBP, Regal Pool & Design, LLC


"We have continued our partnership with PHTA and GENESIS throughout the years since we see undeniable value as a company in doings so and helping our people develop and refine their skills. It helps us to be better designers, better salespeople, and better project managers, and provide a far superior final outcome and experience for our customers. It also, as I alluded to, does wonders for morale to invest in your team and help them develop. I would unquestionably without reservation, recommend the GENESIS faculty and programs and encourage anyone to pursue certification and education as it will have a profound effect on your career in the swimming pool industry."
Lance Irby, Master CBP, Premier Pools & Spas



"GENESIS education has changed the way I look at projects from beginning to end. It’s engrained in everything I do."
John Kenyon, Master CBP, Gib-San Pool & Landscape Creations


"I recommend taking GENESIS education because it separates yourself and your company from your competition."
Evan Baard, Master CBP, Gib-San Pool & Landscape Creations


"GENESIS gives you the tools to understand the process of creating a pool project, seen from a masterpiece."
Joan Roca, Master CBP, Joan Roca Master Pool Designs


"Working my way through the Certified Pool Builder and Design Professional Pathway has been a game changer in my career as a health inspector. My role in the city Environmental Health Department is solely inspecting commercial recreational water facilities for compliance with safety and sanitation codes. Since obtaining the Certified Builder Professional (CBP) certification, and now the Advanced CBP certification, my approach to inspections has undergone a significant transformation. I now possess a deeper understanding of pool construction, equipment installation, and water chemistry maintenance, allowing me to proactively identify and address potential issues before they escalate, meaning our community’s pools, spas, and water features are not just meeting, but exceeding health standards."
- Madison Harrison, Advanced CBP, City of Amarillo

"I have been taking GENESIS courses for over 15 years. Literally all classes were valuable and relevant! Very high quality instruction and instructors were consistently great."
- GENESIS Student


See what students are saying about our courses!



"I am so glad I took this course, I had no idea how much I didn't know. I was going to experiment on my own property before I found your class. I'll be back for sure."

"Loved the layout, shotcrete, tile and coping install, and decking curriculums."

"It was a great experience. I definitely will be back to take another course. Extremely professional across the board."

"I thought it was an excellent class and that I learned a lot! The information was covered in detail and the instructors were extremely knowledgeable."

"The program was well-planned and expertly conducted. Communication was great from start to finish. Overall, it was a fantastic experience and I am very happy that I attended this particular course (C201), which was invaluable for me as a newcomer to the industry. Thank you to the entire GENESIS team that organized and conducted this program, you did an amazing job!"

"I have to start by saying the instructors were amazing! Such a knowledgeable group of people, I felt I learned so much. Terry is the most informative, smart human! Randy I thought gave great info, as well as seeming very experienced in his craft, I liked that section! Justin was the most well-spoken person! His communication was way above par, and very much appreciated."

"The class was incredible. The instructors covered everything for each chapter. I learned a lot."

"All staff was great, well done! You will be seeing us again."

C260: GENESIS Construction School: Vinyl Liner/Fiberglass Pools


"Instructors were very insightful and knowledgeable. Always answered every question and didn't have a problem with anyone asking anything."

C410: Advanced Pool Construction


"Terry is a great teacher and the class was very well run"

"I really enjoyed this class in general. The instructor maintained a great pace and the content was valuable"

"Always so informative and useful."

D231: Color Theory & Its Application


"Feras is a great teacher with a great way of explaining what he is teaching. I would love to have another class taught by him because he is very knowledgeable."

"Feras was amazing! I would take any course he is teaching! I liked the idea of designing a pool for a client without showing pool photos. Creating unique experience for every client based on what moves them. It's an approach I have not taken but will in the future."

"Feras is an engaging and knowledgeable instructor. I enjoyed learning about design and color from the product side of the industry."

"I got a lot more out of this class than I anticipated. The relationships explained between color, design, emotion, and clients is now something we will take into account on every design consult."

"The instructor was hands down absolutely amazing. I would not hesitate at all to take an additional course."

D250: How to Convert Design & Style Into Sales
D265: Master Designer Methods: Crafting the Outdoor Space as a Living Art Form


"This course was amazing. It provided me with a whole new perspective on how to design and place a pool in a client's yard. I have a hard time picturing a pool, where to put it and what design would fit the house and yard. I feel like this course gave me a good foundation for designing a pool better than the competition."

"Fantastic course! Really solidified what I have done over the years in my design process and gave me further insight of the 'how and why' I was doing what I was doing through my creations. Really recommend to anyone looking for a BIG deep dive into the design/creative focus that we as designers should always be considering and talking through with our prospective clients."

"Kirk has such a refreshing approach to designing a backyard that is truly inspiring! I have already started to see backyards in a completely different way when I first come to meet with the client and am excited to see how my designs grow with this approach."

"Kirk is tremendously thorough with his teaching in a way that made the course fun, while also allowing for information to be understood and practiced. Kirk's passion for teaching while being a tremendously skilled designer certainly makes the course a must."

"I would recommend this course for anyone who would like to raise their level not only in design but in all aspects of the pool industry. I felt fortunate to have Kirk Bianchi as an instructor. Thank you!"

"I have been in the industry for a long time and learned most of what I know in the field. Learning from an expert in design methods opened my mind wide to new ways of seeing, thinking, and designing. So glad I took this class!"

"Kirk was extremely informative and knowledgeable about design on so many levels. It has expanded and helped to reinforce many elements of design that I was both unaware of and intuitively tuned into."

"Kirk is amazing. Can't say enough about how patient, knowledgeable, and thorough he was. I learned a lot about thinking more big picture, not just about the pool."


D271: Architectural Styles


"The course was great. Paul John was excellent."

"I enjoyed this class."

"The course was interesting, challenging, and educational. Paul John did a great job, and I was satisfied with the information provided."

D280: History of Pools & Water Features


"Kate is amazing and the curriculum is fascinating! I'm excited to use the knowledge that I have gained from this course in my upcoming pool designs. With 5,000 years of swimming pool history, this course definitely has me thinking outside the box."

"Kate is a great instructor. She has an energy that keeps us involved."

E211: Fluid Hydraulics for Pools & Spas


"Excellent course. The instructor's experience brings a great level of knowledge and enthusiasm to the course."

"Awesome class and instructor!"

"This class was great and worth every penny spent. I can't wait to start chipping away at the Master CBP certification. Thanks again!"

E245: Standards, Codes, and Ordinances; A Builder's Guide to Proper Implementation


"Terry did a great job of keeping a very dull topic entertaining and informative."

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