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Vito Mariano

Basecrete Technologies
Sarasota, FL

Vito has been in the construction field since 1974, developing synthetic polymer-based concrete mixes. By 1995, he had eight patents. Vito has worked on over 80,000 pools around the world and thousands of concrete restoration projects.

As an industry leader, the construction trade seeks Vito's expertise and uses Vito’s products wherever they use concrete and waterproofing.

Vito started in the construction industry at the age of 14 while working with his father, a stonemason from Italy. He worked 7 days a week, gaining a strong work ethic. Vito is President of Basecrete Technologies. Basecrete has an international footprint, where Vito continues his passion for the industry and his commitment to excellence. Vito offers technical advice and support to his customers. He is a member of many industry organizations, such as GENESIS®.

Vito Mariano

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