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D15H: The Fundamentals of Design & Integrating a Manufactured Pool into a Master Plan (French)

February 21–22 | Lyon, France
16 hours | 1.6 IACET CEUs | 16 PHTA CEUs
Invitation Only

This course is specifically created for installers of manufactured pools to take their business to a higher level by learning to apply the basic fundamentals of design. With a solid grasp on these fundamentals, and the industry-specific methods to apply these fundamentals to your work, your company can begin competing and thriving in a market that is less saturated and significantly less susceptible to economic fluctuations.

Upon mastery of the fundamentals, we’ll transition through a series of exercises on how to integrate a manufactured pool into a master plan. You will learn how to quickly render the plan on-site and include relevant information to communicate easily to the customer. By being able to show the client exactly what they will be getting, you can eliminate a major obstacle to closing the sale, giving the customer the ability to visualize how the product will fit into their own yard.

Learning Objectives - Fundamentals:

  • Discuss fundamental Elements (e.g., line, color, and form) and Principles (e.g., unity, balance, and scale) of design.
  • Define perceptual skills and a better understanding of spatial organization and spatial relationships.
  • Use these concepts to design beautiful spaces that connect with the surrounding environment.
  • Use your communication skills to accurately portray your design intent to the client.

Learning Objectives - Integration of a Manufactured Pool

  • Review the Principles of Design, Quick Sketching Techniques, and “Mind-Reading”.
  • Create a scaled base plan on-site (quickly).
  • Convert a scaled base plan into a rendered master plan showing the swimming pool, living spaces, and circulation.
  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your master plan with an in-class presentation.

Instructor: Kate Wiseman, MLA

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