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CBP Courses

To earn your Certified Builder Professional credential, you must successfully complete ONE of the following courses:

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss Basic Pool Plumbing, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Electrical Engineering.
  • Define Layout, Forming & Excavation, Infrastructure Coordination, Shotcrete, Waterproofing.
  • List Basic Tile & Coping, Concrete Decking, Pre-Plaster Preparation, Cementitious Pool Finishes.
  • Discuss Startup, Punch List & Project Closeout, Project Profile.


This 3-day intensive school encompasses all of the necessary disciplines for building a structurally sound water vessel. Topics covered within the school include site analysis, introductory fluid engineering, geotechnical and structural engineering that includes a review of difficult sites, shotcrete, waterproofing, tile, interior finishes, coping, and concrete decking. The course concludes with an interactive walkthrough of a complex project from start to finish. This program is designed to move each student through all phases of concrete pool construction in great detail, unlike anything else offered in the industry. This course fulfills a requirement to become a GENESIS® Associate member.


24:00 hrs
DBPR/CILB-FL #0612786 – 24 hours

Learning Objectives


  • Discuss the introduction of physics of water, including pressure, flow rate, velocity, energy, friction, etc.
  • Discuss Total Dynamic Head (TDH), system curves, pump curves and selection.
  • List code limitations and recommended design parameters for safety and efficiency.
  • Explain construction details for plumbing and equipment.
  • Discuss soil mechanics, bearing capacity, lateral pressures, compaction, settlement, differential settlement.


  • Define the installation of vinyl liners - concrete.
  • Define the installation of vinyl liners - vermiculite.
  • Define the installation of vinyl liners - steel walls.
  • Define the installation of vinyl liners - polymer walls.
  • Discuss the installation of automatic pool covers.


  • Define what constitutes standard fiberglass pool installation.
  • Review installation of tanning ledges.
  • Examine the installation of spas.
  • Analyze free-standing fiberglass pools.
  • Discuss the installation of automatic pool covers.


Whether a pool is concrete, vinyl liner, or fiberglass, the necessities of a properly executed project remain the same. The water vessel requires correct hydraulics, proper installation, code compliance, and a desired esthetic. To meet the educational demands of an increasing market, GENESIS is launching a 16-hour Vinyl Liner – Fiberglass Pool Construction School.

Day one will cover 8-hours of required hydraulics for both vinyl liner and fiberglass pool installations. Days two and three will cover the fundaments of installation, structural components, automatic pool covers, and additional water features for both vinyl liner and fiberglass pools.


16:00 hrs

Upcoming at Southwest Pool & Spa Show:

    Tuesday, January 18 – Thursday, January 20 | 8:00 am – 5:00 pm daily


Upcoming at The Pool & Spa Show:

  • C260: GENESIS® CONSTRUCTION SCHOOL: Vinyl Liner / Fiberglass Pools
    Sunday, January 23 – Tuesday, January 25 | 8:00 am – 5:00 pm daily


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